Peynier, Grabels, Sérignan, small towns with a french southern accent but also bmx hotspots punctuated for years by the shovels of young trails enthusiasts. Dug and shaped by hand, these three famous spots have seen the growth of those who today make up the core of Hurricane tracks. Presentations.


Vincent Chrzanowski is one of those kids amazed very early on by excavators, it's not surprising that he slipped behind their controls as a teenager; a constructive era shared in Champagne region with a solid group of bmxer friends. Together they dig their spot, together they fall in love with the Grabels trail created by the Kbourgs crew and it is together that they move to live on this beautiful land of ocher dirt near Montpellier. Also project manager in the industrial sector, Vincent comes quite naturally to organize the Dirt competitions of the FISE World Series, some of which were epic to say the least.


Alex Dropsy, a respected name in the bmx scene remembered for his audacity to ride huge jumps without brakes. A precursor and an obvious talent for someone who has always defended a certain idea of bmx, progressive, funny and open minded like the famous Vans Kill the Line jams. In parallel to this great collective experience, Alex participates in the spectacular development of mtb slopestyle, shapping the famous Crankworks slopestyle and also being a judge at the Redbull Rampage freeride comp.

Vincent Boucardey carries his love for dirt from a very young age to such an extent that he carries it everywhere with his tires (in bmx, mtb or motocross). After the early days in Lozère region, the Vitikultrail from Sérignan, he also lands on Grabels trails. Tireless Digger, he keeps the same energy on perfecting his 3D vision as a topographer in charge of studies in public works; a combination of passion and skill that seems irresistible as the interest for these new geometric mysteries called pump tracks grows bigger.


Seen from the sky, these curly shapes actually appear as curious as they are aesthetic. Once placed on the ground, these bumpy tracks are above all real fun; especially when done well. It is from this observation shared between our three originals that the desire to embark on the adventure of pump track building is born.

All that was left was to submit the idea to Hervé André-Benoît, the creator of the Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE), to support their initiative with his Hurricane group. With 25 years of events, dozens of skateparks built including the one of Tokyo 2020, the group is the leader in the world of Action Sports and one of the driving forces behind the arrival of bmx freestyle at the Olympic Games. As a visionary entrepreneur always excited by new challenges, Hervé did not hesitate for a second to associate the wide range of skills of his group that became Hurricane Tracks, a company of specialists making pump tracks and bmx race tracks.

We are in 2016 when the first pump track comes out of the ground. Since then, they have not stopped popping in every corner of France and beyond (Italy, China…) ; the race tracks are dressed with more beautiful bermsand are modernized, riders and shapers friends join the working sites. Create and move the masses, draw and shape the curves, lay and smooth the coating, dress with greenery, and work is done in the feeling of the common good and with the pleasure of seeing a whole generation of riders jumping.


Moving towards a common goal

Or the positive energy of working with friends


Be proud of the result

Leave nothing to chance and just do well.


Efficiency as a key word

When speed finally rhymes with quality.


Developing Action Sports

Give back to our practices what they have given us.


Pull equipment up

Tracks that are better thought out, more fun, safer and more durable.


Satisfy all riders

No matter the level, as long as it's fun.


They got to know each other on bmx trails, skateparks, events; Having become friends, they now embark on new exciting projects. Sharing construction sites and large dinner tables, the troop of experts goes through the effort in a united momentum that always leads them to their destination, together at the heart of a berm, in a circle around a common passion.

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